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Neura Robotics

High-tech provider and global pioneer in cognitive robots
NEURA Robotics is a German high-tech company with the mission to revolutionize the world of robotics. The goal is to expand the skill set of collaborative robots with cognitive capabilities so that they can work with humans in existing environments. The company aims to help make numerous fields of work more attractive, safer, and more social. Its guiding principle “we serve humanity” sums up this mission. To this end, a team from over 25 countries is working on advanced technology in the fields of environmental perception, drive and control technology, materials science, mechanical design, and artificial intelligence. With the unique approach of developing all key components such as AI, control software, sensor technology, and mechanical components in-house, the development team has made groundbreaking progress in a variety of areas.

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NEURA Robotics was granted the TOP 100 innovation award already twice, making it one of the most innovative companies in Germany in 2022 and 2023.
NEURA Robotics has received the KI Champions BW 2022 award from the state of Baden-Württemberg for its artificial intelligence made in BW.
David Reger, CEO and founder of NEURA Robotics, was granted the Black Lion Business Award 2022 in the Founders category by the leading regional newspapers of the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.
TÜV SÜD and NEURA Robotics are launching a collaboration for a European testing standard for cobots with integrated AI in 2023.

Key to future value creation:

  • NEURA Robotics as a pioneer in cognitive robotics is setting new standards for predictive and autonomous robots.
  • Leading innovation in deployment of cognitive intelligent robot assistants in existing environments without complex and costly safety systems.
  • Wide range of applications for AI cobots with cognitive capabilities in the service sector, in the home and in care, as a potential solution to the shortage of skilled workers.
  • NEURA Robotics combines all components and sensors as well as artificial intelligence in one device.
  • Expansion of the NEURAverse platform, a value network of partners such as industry champions, system integrators, providers of specialized machinery, distributors and consultants, to leverage the capabilities of cognitive robots and jointly develop various applications and meaningful automation solutions for business and society.
  • NEURA Robotics to target international expansion in the US and Asia and bring true AI-driven robotics to the mass market.

With the active support of PRIMEPULSE and our other European investors, we are taking NEURA Robotics to the next level and taking important steps for Europe as a technology hub as a whole.


David Reger

CEO & Founder, NEURA Robotics

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