Purpose & Values

Providing capital with the sole aim of optimizing returns is too little in our view. We want to deliver added value and, with impact entrepreneurship, implement a guiding principle that makes a decisive contribution to the long-term successful cohesion of entrepreneurs, investors, employees and customers. We invest when we can deliver this clear added value as a team. With our experience, our network and special industry or technology know-how. We invest sustainably in our future and in technologies that make this future possible and better.

Our Values

We are guided by these values as our guiding principles. We always keep them in mind, they are the core of our cooperation as a team for a common goal.

Honesty & appreciation

Talk and listen. Give honest feedback and accept it. Be inspired and inspiring.

Heart & Mind

Be empathetic. Stay objective. Think about the consequences of your decisions and take responsibility. Trust in yourself and celebrate successes.

Curiosity & Courage

Act with entrepreneurial spirit. Question the old and dare the new. Be open to new ideas and perspectives.

Diversity & tolerance

Accept others in their differences and similarities. Different experiences, perspectives and competencies with combined forces and the same goal form the most successful team.

Fairness & Progress

Let positive things guide you. Focus on the biggest impact and treat resources with care.


We get up in the morning because we enjoy learning something, making the world a little better and, of course, to succeed. We bring this curiosity and light-heartedness based on many years of experience into our investments with great passion. We focus on sustainable technologies and thus combine responsible, sustainable investing with good returns. Our guiding principle is called: Impact. It contributes to the long-term successful cohesion of entrepreneurs, investors, employees and customers.