Battery cell technology


Pioneer in the field of special lithium-ion battery technology
CustomCells innovates and industrializes customer-centric premium battery technology. Since its establishment in 2012, CustomCells’ story is one of transformation, evolving from an ambitious startup to a full-service provider and a leading company in the development and series production of advanced premium battery cells. With its combined strengths in material R&D, cell design innovation, and process and manufacturing technology, the company is uniquely positioned to bring highly differentiated innovations to market and deliver customer-centric premium battery technology at scale. CustomCells premium battery technology paves the way for new applications across multiple industries and acts as catalysts for groundbreaking innovations. As a recognized premium partner of major automotive manufacturers and a key enabler in the advanced air mobility sector, the company is at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution.

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From a Fraunhofer spin-off to an industrial company: To date, CustomCells has completed well over 2,000 development-intensive projects in the automotive, aerospace, marine and beyond.
In addition to various patents and licenses, CustomCells maintains numerous partnerships worldwide with leading research and development institutions and university laboratories..
Strategic partnerships with Porsche, Lilium, Vaeridion and OneD Battery Sciences.
New top management with Dr. Dirk Abendroth as CEO of the CustomCells Group, who brings international experience from Continental, BMW and Byton.
Recruitment of additional top executives and expertise on the way to becoming a global player.

Key to future value creation:

  • Special lithium-ion battery technologies as a game changer for climate-neutral mobility
  • Vast and impressive range of applications in the field of high-performance electromobility on the road, in the air or in other areal
  • In addition, advanced, customer-oriented energy storage solutions for complex requirements in special industries such as the medical sector
  • CustomCells is making a key contribution to the development of the European battery cell industry as it scales and builds its business towards large-scale production of new classes of high-performance batteries in Europe.

PRIMEPULSE brings together successful entrepreneurship, industry expertise and capital market experience. The entire team is highly professional, and with its profound, detailed technical knowledge therefore a great asset for us. We are looking forward to the future steps together.


Dr. Dirk Abendroth

CEO, CustomCells Group

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