We are a network of technology-enthusiastic entrepreneurs who enjoy creating and want to make the world a little better. We are sure that with this basic attitude, extraordinary returns can also be generated.


To change industries and markets you need a critical mass and the right people, the exact technology solutions are often unclear at the beginning. The bundling of such activities with the goal of moving something big happens strategically in the context of platform investments.
Our sweet spot is the development of promising companies to IPO readiness, the successful execution of the IPO and active support as anchor investor and sparring partner.

Success Stories

With our experience, network, competence and staying power, we provide the right impulses and strengthen innovative entrepreneurs and their teams across all growth phases: from startups to listed companies.
A leading European electronics company for hardware and software development, prototyping and manufacturing of high-quality electronics or electronics services (High Value Electronics).
A leading international complete solution provider of image processing technology for industrial and non-industrial applications
Partner for the successful digital transformation
Leading Digitale Transformation Partner, IT-Systemintegrator and Managed Services Provider
Decades of expertise in gardentech and automotive
One of the leading Cloud Managed Service Provider and top partners of Microsoft in Germany

Success needs
the right setup.

With our strategic early-stage venture capital partners, we invest in technology-oriented companies at an early stage and support the growth of promising founders, business models and teams with capital, entrepreneurial know-how and networks until they go public and beyond. We support hidden champions in their further development and transformation process. For listed companies, we


We get up in the morning because we enjoy learning something, making the world a little bit better and of course to be successful. We bring this curiosity and light-heartedness based on many years of experience into our investments with great passion. We focus on sustainable technologies and thus combine responsible, sustainable investing with good returns. Our guiding principle is called: Impact. It contributes to the long-term successful cohesion of entrepreneurs, investors, employees and customers.