| 26. February 2024

Cybersecurity: more topical than ever

The topics of cybersecurity and cyber resilience are existential and more relevant than ever.

The topics of cybersecurity and cyber resilience are existential and more relevant than ever.

Just recently, at the 10th MCSC Munich Cyber Security Conference 2024 in Munich, top executives from the industry once again came together with leading figures from science and politics to make contacts, discuss and share insights on how cyber security can be taken to the next level.

In addition to organized crime, the current geopolitical situation poses a number of challenges for cybersecurity. More and more countries are using cyber attacks as a means of achieving their political goals. These attacks can target governments, companies and critical infrastructures. The rapid development of new technologies plays an important role, as it creates new attack vectors and increases the complexity of cybersecurity, but above all it offers opportunities to improve security. For example, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can help to detect and combat threats more quickly.

IT security in focus: portfolio news

Security Services from CANCOM

According to the ISG study “Provider Lens Cybersecurity – Solutions and Services 2023”, CANCOM is one of the leading IT service providers for medium-sized and large companies on the German market. According to CEO Jochen Borenich (CSO), cybersecurity and artificial intelligence are among the major topics for this and the coming years, as he recently explained in a cancom.info interview. CANCOM is broadly positioned with its portfolio, can cover the entire security lifecycle and thus provide customers with comprehensive support. For example, CANCOM monitors its customers’ IT infrastructure around the clock via a Security Operations Center and can identify potential cyber threats within minutes rather than days.

Microsoft Security Copilot & glueckkanja

“AI is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time and has the potential to drive significant, fundamental advances in cybersecurity. Security is a team sport, and we are excited to work with our Security Copilot partner ecosystem to deliver solutions that strengthen cyber defenses and make the promise of AI a reality,” said Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security Business Development.
As one of the first Microsoft Copilot partners, glueckkanja is working with Microsoft product teams to shape Security Copilot product development in several areas, including validating and refining new and upcoming scenarios, providing feedback on product development and operations to inform future product releases, and validating and providing feedback on APIs to support the extensibility of Security Copilot.

Cybersecurity in figures

According to digital association Bitkom, the market for IT security in Germany grew to more than 9 billion euros in 2023. A further increase of around 13% to EUR 10.3 billion is expected in 2024. IT security expenditure will also be a high priority for companies in the DACH region, according to the IDC Spending Guide. Most recently, German companies suffered an annual loss of 206 billion euros due to sabotage, espionage and data theft, 148 billion euros of which was caused by cyberattacks.

The future: Cybersecurity for the world of tomorrow

It is not yet possible to predict exactly what this future will look like and what implications it will have for cyber strategy. In this context, the auditing and consulting firm Deloitte has developed possible scenarios in a white paper, according to which international cooperation in the fight against cyber threats and cyber regulation will have an impact, as will the importance of cybersecurity, for example as a “hygiene factor” or key differentiating factor. A forward-looking cyber strategy can secure the trust of customers, partners, investors and regulators in the long term and therefore makes a decisive contribution to the future viability of companies.

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